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About Selling – Knitmastery

About selling digital knitting patterns in the Knitmastery marketplace.

How do I become a Knitmastery Designer?

Update November 2017: At the moment we are not converting new designs for Knitmastery, while we focus on making changes to the pattern conversion procedure. We will anounce on social media, here on the website and in our newsletters when these changes come into play and how to go about having your patterns included in Knitmastery.

We are pleased that you would like to join us. Please read the Designers’ Terms and Conditions and then contact us via email on (, letting us know you have pattern(s) and which ones you want to include. If we accept you as a designer we will send you any paperwork to be completed and create a designer account for you and you can then submit your pattern(s) (see below).

We will also create a draft store front for you on the Knitmastery site. We will use images and copy from your current online presence to set up your draft store front. A designer account will be created for you and this will allow you to review and edit all aspects of your Knitmastery store front.


How do I submit a pattern?

To publish a pattern you first submit pattern material by email to us ( with a request to be able to publish it on the Knitmastery site.

Any charts in the pattern must have been created using the Stitchmastery Knitting Chart Editor. The pattern material should include the pattern pdf and all chart files created with the Stitchmastery Knitting Chart Editor.

If we agree to publish it we will convert the material into a format that can be downloaded and used by a customer into the Knitmastery mobile application software (“Knitmastery Pattern(s)”).

You retain the copyright to your pattern material as well as the Knitmastery Pattern(s).

You will have a chance to review the Knitmastery Pattern(s) either by viewing it in the Knitmastery software if you have access to a suitable mobile device or through screenshots and videos made available to you by us. You should check the Knitmastery Pattern(s) and let us know of any changes that you would like us to make.

We will add a draft listing(s) for your Knitmastery Pattern(s) to your Knitmastery store front which you are welcome to edit.

Once you are happy with the Knitmastery Pattern(s) and listing(s) you should set your price (the ‘Guide’ price) which should be in pounds sterling exclusive of any sales tax and then publish the listing(s) to make the pattern(s) publicly available.


How much will it cost me to sell my patterns?

We will charge a fee of 8% of the Guide price. All Paypal fees associated with selling your patterns to Customers will be paid by us.


How and when will get paid?

We will pay the total amount owed to you on the last day of the month into your account before the end of the following month. We will pay this amount to you via Paypal. Any fees associated with transferring this payment will be paid by you.